Starting development on Chordious 2.2 (The Chordious 2.1 Preview)

While the latest Official version of Chordious came out just a couple months ago, it’s been nearly three years since I ended the last Preview and released Chordious 2.0. So I think it’s Preview time again!

What does that mean? It means that the latest Official version of Chordious (2.0.10 as of this blog post) is just going to sit for a while, unless someone finds some super awful bug that needs fixing right away. Switching to Preview means I’m going to start exploring larger changes to Chordious, and entertaining bigger, more complicated feature requests that I’ve kept on the back burner.

I’ve already hit the #1 request, enabling the Chord Finder to discover “partial chords”, ie. “Why don’t I see results when I search for a chord that has 5 notes when my instrument only has 4 strings?” So look forward to that. I’ll start releasing Preview builds (starting with Chordious 2.1.0) soon.

Note, I’ll still recommend that most users stick with the Official version. The future looks something like this:

  1. Release the first Preview, Chordious 2.1.0
  2. Work away at some crazy new features
  3. Release another Preview build (Chordious 2.1.*) for interested users
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until I’m happy with the new features and it’s stable
  5. Release the Official Chordious 2.2 to everyone.

As I make big changes in the Preview releases, things will be unstable and the program may be broken at times, including, potentially, data loss. So don’t use the Preview releases unless you’re willing to potentially lose your work/settings and have to start over.

I will however be doubly-sure that all users will be able to cleanly upgrade between Official versions (ie, from 2.0.10 to Chordious 2.2.0).

So if you’re interested in trying out the Preview releases when they’re ready, watch this blog and/or go into Chordious’s Options -> Updates and set your Release Channel to “Preview”.

Stay tuned for great things!


P.S. For more details on “Official” vs “Preview” versions of Chordious, see What’s the difference between “Official” and “Preview ” releases?


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2 comments on “Starting development on Chordious 2.2 (The Chordious 2.1 Preview)
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