Chordious now available

Chordious is now available, the first release for the Chordious 2.1 Preview.

If you’re new to Chordious, your best bet is to stick with the Official releases. However, if you’re a Chordious veteran and okay with trading some stability for the latest features, give the Preview release a try. For more information, see What’s the difference between “Official” and “Preview” releases?

Now I know it’s been a while since I announced the start of work on Chordious 2.2, i.e. the Chordious 2.1 Preview, but I didn’t get much work done on Chordious in 2020.

However, I’ve decided to resume development in 2021, and I’m kicking things off with the most requested feature: “partial” chords. Now you can ask the Chord Finder to include results that don’t include all of the notes of a Chord Quality, for those times when you’re trying to approximate a chord on an instrument with less strings than notes required.

The other big change is adding a dependency on the Xceed Extended WPF Toolkit, which provides a variety of useful UI controls to Chordious. Now numeric text boxes have up/down arrows (no more having to type in the number of frets, or a font size) and selecting colors is infinitely better with a proper RGB color picker (no more plain list of color names).

Here’s the full change list for

  • First 2.1 preview release
  • Chord Finder can now find “partial” chords
  • Diagram export can now be interrupted, and dialog can optionally close afterward
  • Added Extended WPF Toolkit v3.8.2 dependency
  • Upgraded numeric inputs from text boxes to numeric spinners
  • Upgraded color inputs from combo boxes to color pickers
  • Fixed issue with non-deterministic style summary text
  • Extended clickable area for editing fret labels
  • Fixed layout inconsistencies with visibility of elements with text
  • Fixed issues with allowing one-string instruments

So if you’re so inclined, download this latest version of Chordious today, send me your feedback, and stay tuned for further releases!


P.S. I won’t always make a blog post when a new Preview release is ready, so if you want to make sure you’re on the latest version, go into Chordious’s Options -> Updates and set your Release Channel to “Preview”.


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3 comments on “Chordious now available
  1. marapel says:

    Does it make PNG? PDF? JPEG?


    • Jon says:

      It can make PNGs and JPGs. If you want to arrange them in a PDF, you’ll want to import them into another program that can make PDFs like Word.


  2. […] year I started work on the Chordious 2.1 preview, but I got caught up in other projects, and so development kind of stalled for a while. Looking at […]


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