Better custom tunings, chord qualities and scales in the latest Chordious 2 Preview build

Today is Thanksgiving here in the States, a time to be with family and remember what we’re thankful for. When it comes to Chordious, I’m thankful for all of the feedback I’ve received over the last few months from users. And though I’ve been very busy lately, I have made some progress for the Chordious 2 Preview, and I’ve just released a new build.

What’s new since the last post

  • User instruments, tunings, chord qualities, and scales are now:
    • Sorted alphabetically in lists
    • Listed separately from the defaults for easier identification
    • Able to have the same names (though not the same attributes)
  • New dialogs in the Diagram Editor to edit the styles of marks, fret labels, and barres
  • Improved font and color selections
  • New custom dialogs for errors, confirmations, and information
  • New custom error messages
  • Plenty of UI and usability fixes
  • Plenty of miscellaneous bug fixes

What was already working

  • Search for chords with the Chord Finder
  • Search for scales with the Scale Finder
  • Tons of default chord and scale types
  • Save your favorite Finder parameters as the defaults
  • Add your own custom instruments and tunings
  • Add your own custom chord and scale types
  • Save collections of diagrams in the Diagram Library
  • Import your Chordious 1.0 ChordLine documents
  • Export your diagrams as SVG, JPG, or PNG images
  • Rich Diagram Editor (incomplete, see below)
  • Import and export your configuration file for sharing or safe-keeping
  • Quick and easy installer
  • Built-in automatic updates

What still needs to be done

  • Add an easier way of picking which collection to save Chord and Scale results into
  • More ways to manipulate the diagram collections in the Diagram Library (import, export, copy, move, etc.)
  • Expose an easy way to edit default styles: the overall default style, the style for a particular collection, or the style across just a few diagrams
  • Help documentation and mouse-over tooltips on everything
  • Bug fixes and usability updates as they’re found

So thanks to everyone who’ve sent in feedback, keep them coming!

Download and try out the latest Chordious 2 Preview today!


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