Chordious 2 Preview hits 100 GitHub commits

Today marks my 100th code commit to the Chordious repository on GitHub, so I figure it’s a fine time for an update. It’s been five months since I announced the start of the Chordious 2 Preview; since then I’ve added some thousand lines of code and released some 14 updates to the preview.

What’s new since last time

  • Import and export your configuration file for sharing or safe-keeping
  • Double-click on things to edit them, right-click for more options
  • Save your favorite Finder parameters as the defaults
  • Export diagrams to images with a user customizable filename format
  • Tons of new built-in chord qualities
  • Horizontally-aligned diagrams render properly
  • Plenty of bug fixes in the Chord Finder and Diagram Exporter
  • Plenty of UI and usability fixes
  • Plenty of miscellaneous bug fixes

What was already working

  • Search for chords with the Chord Finder
  • Search for scales with the Scale Finder
  • Add your own custom instruments and tunings
  • Add your own custom chord and scale types
  • Save collections of diagrams in the Diagram Library
  • Import your Chordious 1.0 ChordLine documents
  • Export your diagrams as SVG, JPG, or PNG images
  • Rich Diagram Editor (incomplete, see below)
  • Quick and easy installer
  • Built-in automatic updates

What still needs to be done

  • Add an easier way of picking which collection to save Chord and Scale results into
  • More ways to manipulate the diagram collections in the Diagram Library (import, export, copy, move, etc.)
  • Expose an easy way to edit default styles: the overall default style, the style for a particular collection, or the style across just a few diagrams
  • More windows in the Diagram Editor to edit the styles of marks, fret labels, and barres
  • Help documentation and mouse-over tooltips on everything
  • Bug fixes and usability updates as they’re found

Thanks to everyone who’ve sent in feedback – Chordious still has a way to go to hit 2.0, but all the emails have been very useful in helping me identify bugs and usability issues that I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Keep them coming!

So if you haven’t yet, download and try out the Chordious 2 Preview today!


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One comment on “Chordious 2 Preview hits 100 GitHub commits
  1. Monica Tieppo says:

    Hi, I’m brazilian, and I like to play guitar for fun. I would like to tell you that I liked chordious so much. It was hard to find a software easy that pleases me. I bought many before find yours. Hope you can update the version for MAC soon. Congratulations!


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