Chordious 2.0.8 now available

Chordious 2.0.8 is now available, and is a minor update over the previous release.

This is mostly a bug fix release, however there are three key new features:

  1. You can now specify which side the fret labels should appear when using the Chord / Scale Finder (thanks Cyril for the suggestion)
  2. If the instrument / tuning that you’re using in the Finders is not the saved default, Chordious will now conveniently prompt you to set them as the default
  3. You can now run multiple instances of the Portable version, presuming they’re using different config files

Here’s the full change list for 2.0.8:

  • Can now specify which side to put fret labels in Finder results
  • Prompt to save instrument/tuning when exiting Finders
  • Can now run multiple instances as long as they’re using different config files
  • Fixed bug with double-clicking to edit diagram
  • Fixed bug with adding bottom marks not using bottom mark style in editor
  • Code cleanup and miscellaneous bug fixes

Update to the latest version of Chordious today, and keep the feedback coming!



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