Chordious 2.0.7 now available

Chordious 2.0.7 is now available, and is a minor update over the previous release.

I like to call this the “Drag and Drop” release. I received an email from a “Muso City” about adding the functionality to drag and drop diagrams directly into external applications. After a little bit of investigation into how drag and drop works, I found that it’s very similar to how the clipboard works. So I’ve gone ahead and improved the functionality of both – you can now copy and paste or or drag and drop a diagram directly into external apps from Chordious.

If the target external app doesn’t support raw image data, but does support image files, there is now also an option to enable “Enhanced Copy and Drag”, which will create temporary images files too. It’s off by default (so Chordious isn’t filling up your disk with images) but with it, you can now copy and drag diagrams into a whole slew of apps, even directly into the File Explorer! That’s right, if you don’t want to bother with the regular diagram export, with “Enhanced Copy and Drag” enabled, you can drag diagrams directly from Chordious into folders on your computer.

Here’s the full change list for 2.0.7:

    • Improved compatibility when copying a diagram to the clipboard
    • Added drag/drop functionality for managing diagrams in the library
    • Added drag/drop of diagrams directly into external apps
    • Added “Enhanced Copy And Drag” option to improve copy/drag compatibility with external apps

Update to the latest version of Chordious today, and keep the feedback coming!



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