Chordious development moved to GitHub

It’s been a hard month at the grindstone, and I’ve finally rebuilt the Chordious.Core library. Since it’s a pretty extensive break from the original code, I’ve moved development to the new Chordious repository on GitHub.

It’s a quite bit more sophisticated than the original library, but testing has been minimal and there are plenty of rough edges. In any event, following my plan in The road to Chordious 2.0 – just getting started, I’m going to start working on the desktop UI to help suss out the issues.

Have an idea or feature you’d like to see? Sound off in the comments below or drop me a line.


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One comment on “Chordious development moved to GitHub
  1. john stanley says:

    Hi, As an old man I keep an OAP uke group in songs. Occasionally there is a chord that i cannot find a grid for. For example 2,4,2,0; which is named as D9-2. So, how can i make a chord diagram of this chord.


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