New Chordious tutorials now available

So I checked and it seems the last time I did a video tutorial was several years (and versions) ago. Which means I spend a lot of time having to explain ho to use Chordious in text over email. Today I’ve tried to start remedying that, and now with a new setup for recording my PC, I’ve started recording new videos with the latest and greatest version of Chordious.

I hope to make tutorials for all of the Chordious features before the end of the year. Wish me luck!

See all of the tutorial videos in the Chordious 2 Tutorial playlist.




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2 comments on “New Chordious tutorials now available
  1. […] few weeks ago I decided to record some updated Chordious tutorial videos using the latest version of Chordious. I was only able to make three at the time, which […]


  2. […] this year I stated my intention of recording new Chordious tutorials, and since that initial bout I’ve fleshed out several more tutorials, all to make help users […]


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