Chordious 2.0.5 now available

Chordious 2.0.5 is now available, and is a minor update over the previous release.

You can now create new tunings based on existing ones (simply right-click on a tuning in the Instrument Manager and select “Copy”). This makes it easier, if say you only need to change a single string from a standard tuning, rather than having to manually set every string. This even works to quickly create modifiable copies of the built-in default tunings.

You can now also right-click on the results in the Chord and Scale Finders, to bring up a context menu where you can copy the image to your clipboard. (You can still do it with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Shift+C if you want to.)

Finally, starting with 2.0.5, by popular demand, there’s now a portable version of Chordious. It’s everything you love about Chordious packed in to a single exe that doesn’t need to be installed, so you can put it on a USB flash drive and carry Chordious in your pocket!

Here’s the full change list for 2.0.5:

  • The self-contained ChordiousPortable.exe is now available
  • Can now easily copy tunings in the Instrument Manager
  • Added context menus to the Finder results
  • Cleaned up unnecessary files

Update to the latest version of Chordious today, and keep the feedback coming!



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